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Q. What is MAP?
A. Midwest Advertising Placements is operated by the Hoosier State Press Association. HSPA is a trade association representing nearly 200 Indiana newspapers of general, paid circulation. The Hoosier State Press Association was founded in 1933. Our staff consists of personnel with more than 20 years experience in the newspaper advertising industry. We're experienced guides for your buying needs.

Q. How simple is it to place advertising with MAP?
A. With one phone call or email from you, MAP will plan and place your ad campaigns in any newspaper in Indiana or the country. You just give us a list of newspapers in which you wish to place advertising. If you're undecided, give us the guidelines and demographics you're considering and we'll take it from there.

Q. Do I have to establish credit at each newspaper that receives advertising?
A. No. You complete one credit application for MAP and you are set to advertise anywhere in the country.

Q. Will we receive the best available rates for our ad campaign?
A. Our clients pay the same rates as if they had placed the ads themselves. Our experienced staff can place national, retail, insert, classified or contract rates. If you're considering a schedule with multiple insertions, you will be advised of any requirements to qualify for repeat discounts.

Q. Will I receive tearsheets and invoices from each newspaper?
A. No. You will receive an itemized invoice listing the publication of each ad placement, the placement date, the rate and the amount due. You will receive one package of tearsheets, a detailed report and one invoice. How easy is that?

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